Water Features

Water Features

At Pacific Pavers LLC, we pride ourselves in being a leading provider of innovative landscape services to the industry. Our expertly designed and installed water features are our unique selling point, setting us apart from the competition. Trust us to transform your space into a beautiful oasis.

Woodinville Outdoor Living

Forest Bend Escape

River View Landing

Cozy Summer Landscape

Forested Courtyard Oasis

Layered Rustic Estate

Husky House Landscape

Enchanted Evergreen Retreat

Pinewood Paradise

Ultimate Pool Party

Historic Charm

Mountain Home Retreat

North Bend Rainforest Resort

Quaint Corner Resort

Northwest Family Resort

Lake View Retreat

Refined Elegance

Custom Development Entrance

High-End Pocket Development

Northwest Italian Villa Estate

Rustic Romantic Mountain Spa

River Home Sanctuary

Floating Concrete House

Crown Jewel

Custom Home Northwest Estate

Backyard Sanctuary

Backyard Fire, Water and Light

Sammamish Backyard Renovation

Cozy Backyard Living

Issaquah Highlands Modern

Suburban Oasis

Wedding Retreat

Relaxed Backyard Living

Hillside Pool Escape


Outdoor Living

Newcastle Backyard Oasis

Mountain Hillside Sanctuary

Forest Oasis

Wildlife Sanctuary and Summertime Blooms

Rock Meadows Fire and Water

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At Pacific Pavers LLC, we specialize in providing top-notch landscaping services to our clients in the industry. Our team is dedicated to creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that exceed expectations.

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